Bands of Courage
We make handmade bands (necklaces, anklets, bracelets etc) using sustainable materials like glass, gold and organic fabric for men, women and children with our designs inspired by endangered animals. Each band plants 10 Mangrove trees online and comes with a gift card and a tree planting certificate which tells you how much CO2 you have recycled.
E Transport e-bikes
Electric bikes revolutionise the way people ‘get around’ and inspires mobility. Known as e-bikes, they are an ideal transport solution. If you are the type of person that likes to work to your own schedule, doesn’t like the hassle of public  transport and is fed up with traffic congestion; then you should seriously consider an e-bike. Distance and hills are no issue with pedal assistance lasting many hours. This is a liberating and sustainable mode of transport and fun is the bonus.
Pattison's Patisserie Mosman
Perfection is many things. It is motivating. It is beautiful. It can be delicious too. But one thing perfection is not, is easy. Which is why we appreciate it so much at Pattison’s Patisserie. As do our customers. Our passion for perfection began nearly two decades ago, inside a humble pastry kitchen in Sydney’s northern suburbs. And while we’ve grown a lot since then, it continues every day. It means taking extra care in preparation. Extra attention to detail. Extra time to source only the finest ingredients. And standards that cannot be compromised. True, in a world often pre-occupied with haste these things are not always easy. But as we think you’ll agree, just one taste of our irresistible French-inspired pastries says it all. It’s worth it.